By Michael Holland     

We fathers work hard to provide for our families. We work to instill core beliefs in our kids that will ideally guide them to develop critical thinking skills.  So when my 17-year-old daughter came to me one night and asked for a favor, I was a bit surprised:  she wanted to buy a $10 app for her iPhone.  Surprised that my financially-savvy daughter (who is usually more than happy to leverage free apps) seemed to think there was value in a $10 app, I asked what on earth a $10 app could provide that a free version couldn’t.   With sincere confidence in her voice, she said, “It’s a devotional app”.

In that split second, I came upon that intersection where practical fathering meets inspirational fathering.  I chose inspirational fathering.  If $10 will help my daughter focus on true wealth, then I’m all in.