by Michael Holland    

As my friend Jerry says, you can have a bad day or bad month or even a bad year,  but it’s pretty hard to have a bad 5 years.  And what is important in life is not individual days or months, but your trend line.  And the measure of your success is not the rise in your income but in the growth your provide to those around you.

You may be struggling with family issues, work issues, and/or life issues.  But what hold do these issues have on your perspective of how you approach each day?  You must find your rhythm and the spark for igniting the testosterone running through your body.  And you must find your alignment with God.

Check your trend line.  If you were to map out the impacts you are having — with your family, in your community, with your business — over several years, do you see a trend line similar to the price of gold over the last 5 years? Or is your trend line more like that of the value of the housing market?

Bump up that trend Line.  Seek activities that will give you a bump off the track you’re on and onto the track you need to be on.

  • Download the book The True Measure of a Man and read it in a weekend.
  • Every day from 12:03 pm to 12:06 pm, close your eyes and pray for every person who comes into your mind.
  • Take a 6 mile walk outside in the fresh air, seeing the landscape or neighborhood which surrounds you.  Get the blood moving through your muscles and feel the strength and power of your body moving across the earth.
  • Each morning as you awake, take a moment sitting on the edge of your bed with your feet on the ground.  Repeat the following 5 times to yourself:  “. . . choose today whom you will serve. . . as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord.” (Joshua 24:15)