by Michael Holland     

I’m inspired by a post of Brett & Kate McKay, The 4 Qualities of a Statesman, which encouraged me to reflect upon my personal leadership style at home and in my business. In every aspect of our lives, we can choose to be politicians or statesmen. Though we use the words synonymously, they actually have very different connotations. A statesman is a free leader of a free people, and he must possess four critical qualities:

    1. A bedrock of principles
    2. A moral compass
    3. A vision
    4. The ability to build a consensus to achieve that vision

It feels as if I often live day-to-day, putting my head down and plowing forward, obstacles be dammed.  But upon closer reflection, I realized that I do have an underlying core structure which guides me well in my leadership roles.  I strive to center myself daily with God and to be a winner (take responsibility) and not a loser (blaming others) regarding my actions and impacts.  I have my faults and I stumble at times, but my trend line is running positive.  I’m focused on successful launch of our kids, on building a sustainable business, on creating non-financial wealth in the lives of others, and on continually building up my wife and marriage.

As fathers, husbands, and men of this world, it is our duty to have the courage to not only define our principles but to live them day-to-day, revealing our true statesman form.