Learning Moments for fathers seeking to lead their families.

Buy Some Marbles to Slow Down

by Michael Holland -   As our kids hit momentous milestones in life, we often reflect on how fast they are growing up. They pass these milestones- your preschooler “graduating” at the end of the year; [...]

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Fathers are Hidden Under the Sailboat

by Michael Holland     During a summer evening on the Magothy River, one of the large rivers feeding the famous Chesapeake Bay, I witnessed a beautiful sailing race: 40 or 50 sailboats tacked back and forth [...]

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The Problem With Forcing Our Lenses Onto Our Kids

By Michael Holland There are times as a father when I believe I'm being very open and un-controlling.   I express my concerns or thoughts and then leave it up to my kids to make [...]

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The Tension of the College Major Question

by Michael Holland      By the time my oldest son was a sophomore in college, he had been asked the question "what's your major" at least 1,000 times.  This question started to come up in [...]

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Just a Dad Coaching From the Stands

By Michael Holland   There’s the old coach, sitting on the top row of the bleachers watching the game.  He smiles slightly, watching the players move gracefully across the field. He admires the intensity of [...]

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Remembering Our Original Commitments

by Michael Holland      In our fast-track worlds, we all develop a priority system that helps us to make sure we are accomplishing as much as humanly possible.  The reality is that we’re actually [...]

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