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What You Do With What You Have

by Michael Holland -   My friend Brian build legs and arms for a living. At least, that’s how he helps me understand his profession as a prosthetist. Brian recently told me about one of his patients, an 87-year-old farmer who lost one of his arms in 1965.  At first, we talked about what the farmer [...]

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Why Momentum Does Not Equal Success as a Father

By Michael Holland      Burning the candle on both ends and in the middle makes us feel like we are being successful.  The momentum and pace provide the rush, and we complete our days so exhausted, we we must be making progress.  Right? Wrong. In our frantic pace, we work "just another 25 minutes", [...]

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What I Learned About Being a Father From Ballet Class

By Michael Holland      In college I had the “opportunity” to take a ballet class for a semester with my girlfriend at-the-time and my two very single roommates.  My understanding and experience in the field of ballet was non-existent, and my appreciation for a dance as a sport was less than mature.  Throughout the course I [...]

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Remembering Our Original Commitments

by Michael Holland      In our fast-track worlds, we all develop a priority system that helps us to make sure we are accomplishing as much as humanly possible.  The reality is that we’re actually over-committed most of the time, which results in us stealing a bit of time from here and a bit of [...]

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A 30 Mile Zip-line to the Lake

by Michael Holland      I hiked Cascade Mountain in the Adirondacks with some men recently on a drop-dead gorgeous day.   I'm sure we expelled a good bit of sweat to reach this mountain's bald summit, but the 360-degree view of the surrounding mountains, valleys, and lakes of the Adirondacks was certainly worth it.   To the east [...]

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Have the Courage to Be a True Statesman, Not Just a Politician

by Michael Holland      I'm inspired by a post of Brett & Kate McKay, The 4 Qualities of a Statesman, which encouraged me to reflect upon my personal leadership style at home and in my business. In every aspect of our lives, we can choose to be politicians or statesmen. Though we use the [...]

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Your Inner Circle: Catalyst or Anchor?

by Michael Holland      Your potential is determined by your inner circle: those closest to you. Basically, your success as a man builds from the strength of the immediate team that surrounds you. This team can enable you and make you stronger or hold you back.  You need strong, dedicated, forward-thinking, and positive players [...]

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Trending Well as a Man and Father

by Michael Holland     As my friend Jerry says, you can have a bad day or bad month or even a bad year,  but it’s pretty hard to have a bad 5 years.  And what is important in life is not individual days or months, but your trend line.  And the measure of your success [...]

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