How To Survive The Teenage Daughter Season of Life

By Michael Holland      "Even when I breathe I disgust my daughter."  A man quoted this to me this week as he described his current season of life with 2 teenage daughters.  What is it about teenage girls that requires them to vent every ounce of frustration and drama at their parents?  These teenage [...]

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The Crazy Rules We Establish for Kids

by Michael Holland     Each year I’m committed to reading completely through the Bible.  This year I’m reading the Chronological Bible, which aligns events according to when they occurred. At the moment, I am in the Leviticus era, and no matter how many times I read through this book, I struggle with the tremendously detailed rules [...]

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4 All-Nighters That Aren’t Good for Dads

by Michael Holland     I, like many of you out there, leveraged more than one all-nighter while in college in order to cram for a big project or test. Procrastination, underestimation of the work involved, and overconfidence in my capability to work well under pressure all were at work in rationalizing the all-nighters.   The success that [...]

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I Just Can’t Remember What My Dad Said

by Michael Holland     Her name is Rita. Well, I guess I’m supposed to say her name was Rita.  Rita and I dated in college for about a year.  We had great times together, we were young, and for a while we were even in love.  We broke up in March of 1981. On June 6, [...]

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The Best Dads Want Kids Who Are Thinkers

by Michael Holland     I believe one of the hardest behaviors I've had to learn as a dad is to hold back on solving a situation for one of my kids so that they can make their own decision.  It can be crushing to watch the events unfold, visualizing potential train wrecks as I struggle against [...]

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Stop Dragging Your Kid to Church

by Michael Holland     At a church on any given Sunday, you can see the teenage kids taking their seats and playing the part.  They have been dragged unwillingly to church, so they put themselves into that dead space between being actively engaged and full-out rebellion.  They participate as little as possible, leverage technology as much [...]

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In My First Marriage

by Michael Holland     The words flowed easily for me: “. . . in my first marriage….” They referenced something that was a part of my life:  I was married before right out of college.  I consciously made that decision and it is part of my history, impacting who I am today.  But the reaction from [...]

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A Father’s 360-Degree Feedback Survey

by Michael Holland     In business, I have the opportunity to help executives gain feedback on how others perceive their leadership behaviors and impact via a 360-degree feedback survey.  The survey gathers feedback from the executive’s direct reports, his peers, and his boss, forming a full circle of perceptions.   The multiple vantage points provide a great [...]

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Frozen Peas and the Guilt of a Broken Finger

by Michael Holland     When our youngest son was 8 years old, he was climbing up into a tree fort at a neighbor’s house.  The access was through one of those nifty trap doors in the floor, and as Jesse neared the top of the ladder, he reached up to the edge of the opening to [...]

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Buy Some Marbles to Slow Down

by Michael Holland      As our kids hit momentous milestones in life, we often reflect on how fast they are growing up. They pass these milestones- your preschooler “graduating” at the end of the year; your middle school daughter going to the school dance; your 17-year-old son driving off for his first solo drive [...]

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