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Fathers are Hidden Under the Sailboat

by Michael Holland     During a summer evening on the Magothy River, one of the large rivers feeding the famous Chesapeake Bay, I witnessed a beautiful sailing race: 40 or 50 sailboats tacked back and forth along the river, each one maneuvering to catch the wind perfectly and take advantage of a competitor.  From far away [...]

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The Second Half is More Important

by Michael Holland      The commute home from work is the transition time when men leave the work world for the home world.  Most men seem to feel that there is a magical amount of time needed to make this transition, and some tell me they need a bit longer:  maybe they take an [...]

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The Problem With Forcing Our Lenses Onto Our Kids

By Michael Holland There are times as a father when I believe I'm being very open and un-controlling.   I express my concerns or thoughts and then leave it up to my kids to make the decisions they think best for themselves.  But there are subtle ways that we still control our kids, even if [...]

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The Tension of the College Major Question

by Michael Holland      By the time my oldest son was a sophomore in college, he had been asked the question "what's your major" at least 1,000 times.  This question started to come up in middle school: casually at first, both at school and with us, his ever-concerned parents.  Steady progression of the question continued [...]

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Manning Up at a Funeral

by Michael Holland      A little over 10 years ago, I had the honor of speaking at my friend Rick’s funeral.  It was one of those experiences that is horribly painful, yet extremely fulfilling.  It’s incredibly tough to pull the words together to express your thoughts, to provide comfort to those mourning, to bring [...]

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Sharing The Cheesecake With Younger Men

By Michael Holland   A slice of cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory is a decadent luxury on so many levels.  It’s a pure dessert with deep, rich flavors assured to fully satisfy that craving for the sugar rush.  It contains about 40% of the total calories we should eat in one day and the cost [...]

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Just a Dad Coaching From the Stands

By Michael Holland   There’s the old coach, sitting on the top row of the bleachers watching the game.  He smiles slightly, watching the players move gracefully across the field. He admires the intensity of the coaches as they offer quiet encouragement or bark out directives.  He remembers his early days on the sideline, and [...]

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Why Momentum Does Not Equal Success as a Father

By Michael Holland      Burning the candle on both ends and in the middle makes us feel like we are being successful.  The momentum and pace provide the rush, and we complete our days so exhausted, we we must be making progress.  Right? Wrong. In our frantic pace, we work "just another 25 minutes", [...]

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What I Learned About Being a Father From Ballet Class

By Michael Holland      In college I had the “opportunity” to take a ballet class for a semester with my girlfriend at-the-time and my two very single roommates.  My understanding and experience in the field of ballet was non-existent, and my appreciation for a dance as a sport was less than mature.  Throughout the course I [...]

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Walking PhD Reading List – 2016

By Michael Holland      In pursuit of my self-described Christian Businessman PhD, I started on a quest in early 2010 to read 100 books to increase my knowledge, exposure and intellect.  I achieved that goal in late 2012 and now, each year, I strive to read as many books as possible while also listening to [...]

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