Learning Moments for men to cowboy up and be men with a purpose.

When Men Walk that Very Fine Line

by Michael Holland Men are hurting.  We don't show it and we don't want to dwell on it because, well, we are men.  But some men are hurting more than others, and they are walking [...]

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Have the Courage to Be a True Statesman, Not Just a Politician

by Michael Holland      I'm inspired by a post of Brett & Kate McKay, The 4 Qualities of a Statesman, which encouraged me to reflect upon my personal leadership style at home and in [...]

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Your Inner Circle: Catalyst or Anchor?

by Michael Holland      Your potential is determined by your inner circle: those closest to you. Basically, your success as a man builds from the strength of the immediate team that surrounds you. This [...]

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Trending Well as a Man and Father

by Michael Holland     As my friend Jerry says, you can have a bad day or bad month or even a bad year,  but it’s pretty hard to have a bad 5 years.  And [...]

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What Would a Great Man-Father-Husband Do

By Michael Holland In the midst of chaos as a man/father/husband, you are primed to act.  Your "action" differs by season of life but the essence of the action remains the same: solve the problem [...]

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The Little Habit That Helps a Marriage

By Michael Holland   It's the little things that help a marriage keep it's momentum.  Each morning, I walk my wife to her car as she leaves for work.  It's a rather small ritual and [...]

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